About the Book

Carol Craig Cowan-Lanyon had an idyllic childhood. Her mother, Miz Bambo, ignited her imagination with art and magic while her father enriched her curious mind with information from National Geographic.

When her father died, Carol’s life has changed. So is her relationship with her mother, who has become unpredictable and hard to please. Just right after her sophomore year in college, her mother unexpectedly sold their house and announced their travel abroad.

What transpires next is their joint adventure of a lifetime, which simultaneously forced Carol to grow up in ways she hadn’t imagined.

Reader's Reaction

Miz Bambo is a page turner. I got my copy about 2:00 p.m. and had finished it before bedtime. Only 98 pages, this book has a wealth of photographs that beautifully illustrate the copy. I wished for more chapters because it was so entertaining to read. Carol Craig Cowan-Lanyon writes with a flowing, humorous style. She tells of a complex mother-daughter relationship that is endearing and exciting, and spans Texas to Europe. This book proves that truth is more interesting than fiction, at least some of the time.”

—Sharon Welker

“Spend a couple of hours with Miz Bambo and you will not forget it. It succinctly relates the story of Carol and her mother. Their life together suddenly turns adventurous and unpredictable after the death of her father. I'd especially recommend it for anyone who attempts a family memoir. It strikes a fine balance between disappointment and loving appreciation. It's also deeply honest about some of the profound questions about attempted suicide that can never be answered when one person refuses to discuss them.”

—John S. Lawrence

"Miz Bambo offers a glimpse inside a mother-daughter relationship that is as complex as it is entertaining. It is filled with anecdotes, both funny and bittersweet. Taking place in the late 20th Century, this book distills the period into a well-written and very readable, very human cocktail of prose. The characters are brilliantly drawn, at once down-to-earth and sophisticated. Set both in the United States and many other ports of call around the globe, we are offered a time capsule of a not-distant time that is nonetheless very different from the present. One can only wish for a sequel, continuing the saga of Ms. Cowan-Lanyon's remarkable life.”


Carol Craig Cowan-Lanyon

About the Author

Carol Craig Cowan-Lanyon is a native of Amarillo, Texas.

After the episodes of Miz Bambo, she fulfilled her academic dreams and went back to school. In 1985, she graduated with honors from the University of Arizona. She earned a master's degree in early Florentine renaissance art history while living in Tuscany, the South of France, and Bern, Switzerland.

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“Off she went, out and up and up and WAY UP, a little orange dot beneath a huge parachute pulled by a speedboat. I could NOT believe in my eyes. My MOTHER! If she went down into the water, she could only do the side stroke. Shark fodder!

Time to return, they blew a whistle, the directive to pull the rip cord. She reached up with her hands and gave it a tug. Dink! Nothing. More whistles. Dink! Whistles and whistles! Dinking and dinking as she started drifting toward the cliffs. I was absolutely helpless. The crowd stared silently. Breathless. The scene was slowly turning into a deadly nightmare.

Suddenly, Bambo grabbed the rip cord with a mighty pull and the parachute began to collapse, the speedboat bringing her in for a safe landing to the skilled team on the beach. They caught her, breaking her landing, and set her softly down onto the sand. The crowd was riotous with joy, relieved that the event had not ended in tragedy.

Bambo was so proud and adorable. She said, "That was the most fun thing I have ever done in my whole life." I believed her!”

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